Chambon Foundation
summer 2004 in Le Chambon!


June 11-13, 2004

Liberation Reunion

in partnership with the village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon


July 8, 2004

French President Jacques Chirac visits Le Chambon

"Here, in adversity, the soul of the [French] nation manifested itself.

Here was the embodiment of our country's conscience."


July-August 2004

Expo du Carrefour

2 500 visitors to the temporary exhibit

presented by the Chambon Foundation in the heart of the village


Le Chambon's Challenge Today!

by Pierre Sauvage





 JMP04: maire Francis Valla et Pierre Sauvage / Mayor Francis Valla and Pierre Sauvage   JMP04: affiche / poster  JMP04 Inauguration    Le Chambon-sur-Lignon  future ferme expo ? / future Chambon Museum

 le carrefour (ca. 1900) / Le Chambon center (ca. 1900)                               Fondation Chambon (USA) au Chambon / Chambon Foundation in Le Chambon                               le carrefour (3 sept. 1944) / Le Chambon center (Sept. 3, 1944)

                            JMP04: Dr. Robert O. Paxton                JMP04: Pierre Sauvage, Dr. Robert O. Paxton, Dr. Julian Jackson             JMP04: Deputy Mayor Gérard Bollon / Maire adjoint Gérard Bollon   

   JMP04: Hans Salomon, Tracy Strong                                  JMP04: Auguste Bohny, Hanne Liebmann                                                JMP04: Rudy Appel


JMP04: Auguste Bohny, Pierre Sauvage                     JMP04 : visite à presbytère / visit to presbytery                    JMP04 : pasteur André Bettex / pastor André Bettex                    JMP04: Jaap van Oosterdorp & Nieuwlande